Frequently Asked Questions


1.      Do I have to make a dedication to meet with the scribe and write a letter?

All members of the congregation are invited to participate in the mitzvah of writing in the Torah regardless of whether or not they make a dedication. Note, however, that the dedication levels are designed that everyone can find a dedication level that fits their desires and means. 

2.      How do I decide what to dedicate?  It seems daunting. 

A list of all possible dedications at all levels will be made available so that you may choose whatever is meaningful to you.    There are a variety of dedication options, such as a book, a prayer, a parashah, a verse, or a letter.   There may be a dedication choice that has particular meaning to you or your family (e.g., related to a life cycle event).

Rabbi Glickman is happy to help you choose an appropriate dedication.  He will be available to meet with each congregant who meets with the Sofer on the day of the letter writing or will meet with you at another time, if that is more convenient for you. 

The complete list of possible dedications is being reviewed and will be posted shortly. 

3.      What are the levels of the dedications?

There are six levels of dedication, each of which will have numerous dedication options.

KETER  - Crown of the Torah   $15,000 to $50,0000

HAGBA’AH – Uplifter of the Torah   $7,500 - $14,999

K’RI’AHReading of the Torah  $2,500 - $7,499

         ALIYAH – Called to the Torah  $1,250 - $2, 4999

         D’VAR– Comment on the Torah  $250 - $1000

         HAYYEI - Life of Torah  $6.13 - $249.00

Click for a complete list of Dedication Opportunities

4.      How will my dedication be recognized?

Everyone who makes a dedication will receive a certificate recognizing their dedication, which will be presented during services.   As well, Temple will have a dedication book which will document all dedications including who made the dedication, what was dedicated, as well, as the reason for the dedication.  Those dedicating at the Crown level will be given a page in the book in which they can write about the dedication so that future congregants will understand the importance of the people and/or events being honoured.  This Record will be kept at the synagogue.   Finally, when the Parashah from which you made a dedication is being read, you will be invited to be honoured in synagogue by participating in our Shabbat service (in accordance with your comfort level).

5.      Is my dedication exclusive?

Only the dedications at the top two levels are exclusive.  More than one person can make the same dedication at the other levels.

6.      What if I want to chose a dedication option that is at a lower level, but wish to donate at a higher level?

We want people to dedicate what is meaningful to them.  If what you wish to dedicate is in a lower level, but you wish to contribute more, you will be recognized as giving at the higher level.

7.      When can I make my dedication?

Dedications can be made now as soon as you have chosen what you would like to dedicate.  This can be done when the dedication list is made available, or when inscribing your letter.  An anonymous donor is matching 20% or the dedications made during this anniversary year.  

8.     How do I make a dedication?

There will be a dedication station when the sofer is here, where you will be able to make your dedication.  Alternatively, you can contact Roz Mendelson at who will take all the necessary information from you.

9.   When do I need to pay for my dedication?

You may pay immediately, or if it is more convenient for you, you may pay over time.


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